Ukraine Appeal

Give towards the Individuals and families affected by the War in Ukraine

Where most needed

Your generous donation will go towards the area of most need at the time of giving.

Employment subsidy of freedom women

Join us as we subsidise the wages of 82 women in the freedom business over the next 5 years.
Renew Together

Renew Together

God is doing something new in the world, and we're listening


Donations given to Joyya

Loyal Workshop

Give towards the work of this freedom business specialising in leather craft.

Tripura Baptist Christian Union

Give towards the work of the Tripura Baptist Christian Union, a collective of 850 congregations.

Christian Literature Centre

Give towards the work of this non-denominational publisher who produce materials and commentaries in Bengali.

Team Support - Paul and Sarah

South Asia Business Management

Team Support - Peter and Leonora

South Asia Business development, heritage work

Team Support - Carol

South Asia Teaching, Early Childhood, Ministry Development

Team Support - Ryan and Sophie

South East Asia Training, Corporate Communications, Community Development

Team Support - Peter and Dasha

East Asia Music, Young people with disabilities, Community Engagement

Team Support - Ross and Cindy

South Asia Education, Teacher Training, IT resourcing

Team Support - Joel and Lizzie

South Asia Communications, Staff Development

Ginny & Tsao

South Asia Pastoral Care, Discipleship, Cross-cultural Development


South Asia Business Management

Woven Life

Give towards this South East Asian foundation pioneering local initiatives to encourage economic and relational growth.

Team Support - Jo and Charlie

South Asia Administration, Community Engagement

Team Support - John and Helen

South Asia Pastoral leadership, Medical Laboratory Science

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